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Henri-David WAISMAN


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Curriculum Vitae (English)

Research Thematics

- Tools and methods of long-term prospective: modeling energy-economy-environment, development of Imaclim-R, elaboration of long-term scenarios
- Integrating spatial and urban constraints in Imaclim-R model

PhD Thesis

"Climate policies, between carbon prices, oil rents and urban dynamics" - EHESS - 2012

- Summary
- Full dissertation
- Presentation


- Waisman H, Guivarch C., Lecocq F (2012). "The transportation sector and low-carbon growth pathways", Climate Policy 13(1):107-130, Download

- Waisman H, Rozenberg J, Sassi O et Hourcade J-C (2012). "Peak Oil profiles through the lens of a general equilibrium assessment", Energy Policy 48:744-753, Download

- Waisman H, Guivarch C, Grazi F et Hourcade JC (2012). "The Imaclim-R model: infrastructures, technical inertia and the costs of low carbon futures under imperfect foresight", Climatic Change 114 (1): 101-120, , Download, Download Supplementary Material

- Luderer G, Bosetti V, Jakob M, Steckel J, Waisman H et Edenhofer O (2012). "The Economics of GHG Emissions Reductions results and insights from the RECIPE model intercomparison", Climatic Change 114 (1): 9-37.

- Tavoni M, DeCian E, Luderer G, Steckel JC et Waisman H (2012). "The value of technology and of its evolution towards a low carbon economy", Climatic Change 114 (1): 39-57.

- Luderer G, DeCian E, Hourcade JC, Leimbach M, Waisman H et Edenhofer O (2012). "On the regional distribution of mitigation costs in a global cap-and-trade regime" , Climatic Change 114 (1): 59-78.

- Rozenberg J, Hallegatte S, Vogt-Schilb A, Sassi O, Guivarch C, Waisman H et Hourcade JC (2010). "Climate policies as a hedge against the uncertainty on future oil supply", Climatic Change 101:663-668 , Download , Download Supplementary Material

- Sassi O, Crassous R, Hourcade JC, Gitz V, Waisman H et Guivarch C (2010). "IMACLIM-R: a modelling framework to simulate sustainable development pathways", Int. J. Global Environmental Issues 10(1/2): 5-24, Download

Communications in conferences

Invited presentations

- "Urbanization and low-carbon growth pathways: Modeling the interactions between energy and real estate prices" , colloque international Transition towards low carbon societies in a changing world du Low Carbon Society Network, Paris (Octobre 2011), , Download
- "Urbanization and low-carbon growth pathways : Modeling the interactions between energy and real estate prices", colloque international - Urban Energy and Carbon Modeling in Rapidly Urbanizing World du Global Carbon Project (GCP) et l’International Institute for Applied System Analyses (IIASA), Vienne (Mars 2011) , Download

Other presentations

- WAISMAN H., ROZENBERG J., SASSI O., HOURCADE J.C.H, "Peak Oil through the lens of a general equilibrium assessment ", 18th Annual Conference of the EAERE association, Rome, June 2011 Download

- WAISMAN H., ROZENBERG J., SASSI O., HOURCADE J.C.H, "Peak Oil through the lens of a general equilibrium assessment" , 18th Annual Conference of the IAEE association, Stockholm, June 2011 Download

- WAISMAN H., GUIVARCH C., VOGT SHILB A., HOURCADE J.C.H, EMF24 Global Scenario Modeler Presentation Insights from the IMACLIM model, 24, 25/10/2010, Stanford Download

- GRAZI, F.,H. WAISMAN,J.C.J.M. VAN DEN BERGH, the geography of sustainability: Agglomeration, global economy and environment, World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, Montreal, June 28 - July 2, 2010 Download

- GRAZI, F.,H. WAISMAN,J.C.J.M. VAN DEN BERGH, The Geography of Sustainability: Agglomeration, Global Economy and Environment, World Bank symposium on cities and climate change, Marseille, juin 2009, Download

- GRAZI, F.,*H. WAISMAN, J.C.J.M. VAN DEN BERGH, Agglomeration economies andspatial sustainability, Prensentation to the Climate Congress Conference COPENHAGEN March10th-12th, 2009 Download

- "Carbon intensive pathways revisited Insights from the Imaclim-R modeling framework", Presentation to the International Energy Workshop 2007, Stanford, 27 juin 2007.Download


- Prospective quantitative des dynamiques urbaines: Enjeux, obstacles et leviers de la ville « postcarbone » - Program « Repenser les villes dans une société post-carbone » - Ministry of Environment, France ADEME Final Report

- Participation to Competitive Cities and Climate Change
Lamia Kamal-Chaoui and Alexis Robert (eds.), 2009, OECD Download the report

- European Program RECIPE: elaboration of carbon mitigation scenarios with Imaclim-R, and comparison exercise with two other models: ReMind from PIK (Postdam Institute for Climate Impact research) and WITCH from FEEM (Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei). Download the report

- Projet européen ENSEMBLES, 2004-2006 Long-term scenarios,final report "New Emissions scenarios : Exploration of long run carbon-intensive pathways with IMACLIM-R"™, Janvier 2007, coord. R. Crassous. Contribution à la réalisation des travaux.Download

- Ministère de l’Environnement et du Développement Durable, 2006-2007 La question du secteur électrique en Inde, Programme Gestion et Impacts du Changement Climatique, coord. S. Mathy. Contribution à la réalisation des travaux.Download

- Agence Internationale de l’Energie, 2007 Macroeconomic consistency and expertise on scénarios for World Energy Outlook 2007, coord. O. Sassi. Contribution to work..