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Moving the trillions : a debate on positive pricing of mitigation actions

par Arancha Sánchez - publié le , mis à jour le

“Finance has to play a much bigger role if large-scale and faster de-carbonization is to occur. The scale of climate investments needed is simply too large a transformation that can be achieved by the two tools currently in play : slow, protracted climate negotiations, limited public monies and hesitant carbon pricing. There is no shortage of savings to finance the needed investments, nor a paucity of technologies. Private investors are waiting for the announcement of some bold public policy frameworks to mitigate private risks and uncertainty.” Dipak Dasgupta

“Our challenge is to figure out how the drive towards low-carbon economies can be scaled into an unstoppable movement. We need this if we are ever to get onto the under 2 degree pathway, leading to a future carbon-neutral scenario where humanity is able to prevent at least catastrophic levels of climate change and, in doing so, also move the global economy past its current stagnation mode.” Alfredo Sirkis

“The low-carbon transition is actually an opportunity to increase the propensity to invest by indicating where savings should go. It shows why reducing the uncertainty attached to low-carbon investments requires targeted financial devices. The paper then suggests that recognizing the social value of mitigation activities can be the cornerstone of a financial intermediation that bridges long-term assets and short-term cash balances.” Jean Charles Hourcade