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Séminaire CIRED : Magali Delmas

par Estelle Carciofi - publié le , mis à jour le

Résumé / Abstract

We examine the effectiveness of multiple residential energy efficiency programs using more than 11 million households’ electricity billing records from 2010-2015 in Southern California. We find that these programs reduce overall electricity usage by 4 percent. However, there are significant differences in their effectiveness. Programs providing financial incentives for energy efficient pool pumps and refrigeration generate the largest electricity savings (12 percent, and 6 percent, respectively). Lighting programs result in less than 1 percent of electricity consumption reduction, and no savings when light bulbs are given away for free. We also find consumption increases associated with programs providing incentives to upgrade dishwashers/clothes washers, for whole house retrofit, and building envelope. In these programs, participants consume more electricity after upgrade. Our results identify this rebound effect during certain time of the year and for certain building types.

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