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Séminaire CIRED : Léa Tardieu

par Arancha Sánchez - publié le

Mapping forest attractiveness for outdoor recreation : Spatial tools for management planning

Résumé / Abstract

The concept of ecosystem services (ESs) remains underused in supporting practical decisions in conservation/development plans and programmes. One of the most important knowledge gaps for a better consideration is related to ESs spatial assessment and mapping. I will present the results of three studies related to this issue. In the first study, we develop a methodology to assess and map one of the major ES in a French regional park : recreational attractiveness. Because the area under study is a large territory, primary valuation techniques would have been difficult to apply. Thus, we characterise the recreation attractiveness function on a part of the study area, that is further transferred in the entire zone. Predictions are based on a lancasterian function of biophysical attributes and a travel cost model. To the best of our knowledge, this study constitutes one of the first attempts at function benefit transfer based on a travel cost model. The results call for a better accounting of site characteristics in travel cost methods that are principally focused on individual characteristics. From a policy guidance perspective, we show that spatial statistical analysis of the created indicator helps in evaluating the management planning strategy of the park. A test of the application of the methodology is now held, in a second study, at the national scale based on two recent national surveys conducted in France. Finally, a third study provide an analysis of the impact of using perceived forests characteristics by visitors in the models versus using observed data calculated with geographical information systems.

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